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Temporary rules of  EXtreme DX Club:

"It is not so simple with friendship.  It takes long and tough to capture it, but when we have friendship it is impossible to set free - you have to face it."


1. The Founder- Members
The founder members are called persons, who established Extreme DX Club and who perform a function of "Board of Directors" of EX Club.
b. The founder members are: 161EX016, 161EX038, 161EX51, 161EX191, 161EX259.
c. The founder members are exclusively entitled to alter any statements hereto regulations just by absolute majority of votes (50 percent + 1 vote for a motion voted by the half of the founder members at least).

2. The admission of new members
The candidates for members of EX Club are required to obtain a recommendation from two EX Club members at least. In the first year of existence of Club is compulsory the rule of two recommendations, included one from the founder member. In the following years it is are required two recommendations from the Club members, who have been belonging to the group for one year at least.
b. Two anti-recommendations with the justification cause the rejection of the candidate. The acceptance of each anti-recommendation shall be outvoted by the founder members. The casting vote is the absolute majority of votes. It is required a quorum of the presence of two/third of the panel of the founder members of the group.
c. The decision about the admission of any candidate to the group has been taken by the absolute majority of votes.

3. The expelling of the member from the group.
The expelling of the member from the EX Club shall be caused by the decision taken by the founder members by the absolute majority of votes. Such activities shall be proceeding by using other disciplinary sanctions. The depriving of the membership required the majority of two/ third of votes of the founder members in the panel widened by the members of the group, who joined it in the year, if its establishment... The year of the establishment is 2007.
b. The reasons for the expelling from the Club are: improper behaviour on the air, activities caused any harm to the Club as well as other activities which may be regarded as a flagrant violation of commonly valid rules and which activities will be classified by the founder member as inappropriate and raised to consideration in the disciplinary course.

4. QSL Cards
There is one format of flag card mandatory (will be prepared).
b. It is supposed to put the logo of EX Club on the IOTA and IWI activation cards as well as the logos of IOTA or IWI (will be prepared).
c. Clubbing trademarks put on the cards from other activation (DX, SES, ID, etc.) will be agreed by the absolute majority of votes of founder members (50 percent + 1 vote for a motion voted by the half of the founder members at least).

5. Financing of the Group
Activities of the Club are financed completely by voluntary contribution depending on needs arisen.

It is supposed to inform "The Technical Group" by e-mail post about each planned activation at least 72 hours before launching of the station or by the phone at least 24 hours before launching of the station. This information shall included following data: planned trademark, the name of island with marking (related to IOTA and IWI only, the duration of activation, QSL info.
b. "The Technical Group" is obliged to check the correctness of marking of the island and in case any discrepancy with registration to correct it immediately and inform the activation organiser about this fact.
c. To the post of activation manager may be appointed the member of EX Club exclusively.

7. Usage of trade mark
It is advised a usage of one trade mark on 11 m band (it means xxxEXyyy) only.

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